IMIS Final Conference & Final Project Report

Innovation is essential to drive the integration of Europe’s transport systems and reach a single, multimodal, European transport network. However, several barriers still hinder the transition from research and innovation (R&I) to deployment. The European Commission’s Mobility and Transport DG has therefore initiated the Pilot Action IMIS “Towards a single and innovative European transport system: implementation of multimodal innovative solutions” to investigate ways to speed up the market uptake of R&I results in areas vital for a fully integrated transport system: Multimodal hubs for freight and logistics. Three pilot cases have been selected, studied and demonstrated if and how innovation implementation can speed up: Mainhub Antwerp (Belgium), Lanfer terminal Hamm (Germany) and Quadrante Europa Verona (Italy).

The key project results and recommendations have been presented at the IMIS Final Conference that took place on 17 September 2019 in Brussels. These results have been discussed with stakeholders from the multimodal transport industry and the research and innovation community as well as with representatives DG MOVE and other European institutions. The feedback from the stakeholder community has been taken up for the final recommendations towards a better take-up of innovations from EU research. Here you find further information on the conference:

The Final Project Report on “Recommendations towards a better take-up of innovations from European research” and the related executive summary are available on the website of the Publications Office of the European Union.