Questions & Answers related to the Call for Expression of Interest

Status: 31/05/2018

Q1: Is the test location chosen obliged to implement a minimum number of innovations?

Since the implementation itself is not part of the pilot action there is no obligation „to implement a minimum number of innovations“. However, the implementation plan may incorporate a certain number of innovations.

Q2: What will be the expectations from the hub during the implementation of an innovation?

Main goal of the collaboration period is the elaboration of an implementation plan for the identified innovations; the implementation itself is not part of the pilot action.

Q3: Does the hub have to hand in progress reports, have regular meetings with the EC or the contractor etc.?

a. The hubs are not expected to hand in progress reports. The outputs and deliverables will be produced by the IMIS expert team.

b. Expected meetings are specified in call specifications, chapter 4.4. EC representatives may attend these meetings.

Q4: Does the contract end after the implementation plan has been finalised?

A collaboration agreement will be concluded that is related to the collaboration period of IMIS expert teams and selected hubs. The collaboration period is estimated for 7 months and will end with the conclusion of the implementation plan (Deliverable D2.3).

Q5: Which support will be given. Is it just the support by the contractor in the phase of matching? Or is there also some (financial) support foreseen for the implementation of the innovations, since these are of course the first applications on the ground?

a. Support will be given only in the phase of matching by providing expert resources.

b. Within IMIS there is no support foreseen for the implementation of innovations.

Q6: We are a research organisation. Can we fill the questionnaire and get access to the call documents?

Yes, the call documents are public. When filling the questionnaire, please indicate the type of organisation, you work for.

Q7: What type of proposal is expected?

Applicants need to complete a template, providing information on their organisation, the site and the case.

Q8: What type of consortium is expected?

The application of consortia is not foreseen. Third parties may support the work under the umbrella of the applying Hub.

Q9: Does the hub need to be operational or can it be based on a hub that is currently in development?

The eligibility criteria for the applicant and the case are specified in call specifications, chapter 3.1. Only existing hubs are eligible.

Q10: Can you explain what different information you expect under chapter 6 and 10. This seems to be the same?

Chapter 6 is intended to check IF the hub has a multimodality problem. Therefore the explanation in chapter 6 shall only contain a very short description per area – potentially as bullet points. Chapter 10 is intended to provide a more comprehensive description of the case, covering all items listed under chapter 6, their potential interrelations and other relevant information. As a minimum, Chapter 10 shall contain the information (text) – provided in chapter 6.

Q11: How elaborate should the chapters 6 and 10 be: half page, several pages?

Due to differences of the cases and its complexity it is not possible to provide a general answer on the required length for the explanations in chapters 6 and 10. The following figures shall provide a broad indication on the expected level of detail; you may differ from these figures:

a. Chapter 6: 1 to 5 lines per area of multimodality problem;

b. Chapter 10: 0.5 to 2 pages for the entire case.

Q12: The relevant experience under chapter 12. Should this be all our innovation projects or just the ones with public co-financing?

Chapter 12 refers to research projects with active involvement of the applicant and investments in new technologies and innovations. This includes both projects with and without public funding.

Q13: Is a Hub eligible to participate in the Call, if it is in its final construction phase?

According to eligibility criteria – explained in tender specifications, section  3.1 – interested entities shall represent an existing Hub at one specific location. We consider a Hub as existing, if its construction will be concluded by intended start date of the IMIS collaboration period on 1 August 2018.